Chase the Feeling

This transatlantic trio formed in 2023 as a collaboration project between Chase Matthews, SILKIE and Xerxes-K combining talent from both sides of the Atlantic as well as the north and south of England.

With remote working the new normal due to the worldwide pandemic, music production was no different and collaborating on new projects and songs meant that exchanging stems and sessions via the web and independent split studio recordings was the new way of working.

But that didn't stop Chase Matthews from bringing his blend of melodic electronic alternaive pop and SILKIE from attaching her unique sound and songwriting to deliver a high-energy synth-infused alternative-pop blast of fresh air.

Chase the Feeling are in the process of independently releasing their first EP and collaborating with other Artists and Producers on upcoming tracks. For the latest news, releases and early access to songs months before they officially release - be sure to become a Fan!


Manchester sweetheart, DJ and singer-songwriter, SILKIE has been recording music professionally for many years and dispite her young age (and recently graduating from the British Institute of Modern Music with a BA in Songwriting), she has been able to get her music placed on many prominent playlists and riding airwaves on the likes of BBC Music Introducing and Amazing Radio.

SILKIE brings her unique voice and lyrical mastery to Chase the Feeling as Lead Singer and Lyricist adding her catchy vocal hooks to the melodic music of Chase Matthews as well as singing along side Xerxes-K to create some truly outstanding performances.

Chase Matthews

As a multi-genre Producer and Songwriter from the Home Counties, Chase Matthews has worked with a number of independent Artists from around the world including Chezzarai, Hannah Pisani and Lynsey Tibbs, but for his next project, he wanted to work with a set of Artists who could gel together as a band and produce a set of works filled with alterative pop vibes and synth-infused melodies.

Chase discovered SILKIE and Xerxex-K while scouting for a vocalist for Chase the Feeling and instantly fell in love with SILKIE's voice and Xerxes-K's demos. Within a couple of months, Chase had found the sound he was looking for and with an EP worth of songs in the bag, he began the journey to bring Chase the Feeling to the world.



Xerxes-K, also known as Khashayar Sharifian Attar, is a musician and artist that involves himself in all aspects of the song-making process including production, lyrics, recording, singing, songwriting, mixing and mastering while also being supported by the legendary Andrew Rayel, Aly and Fila.

Xerxes-K was just 13 when he discovered the world of music through lyrics and composing, and before long, it became a way of life. By experiencing a multitude of genres (such as Melodic House, EDM, Pop, Future Bass and Synthwave) and by working with artists from all over the world, Xerxes-K has become capable of delivering songs in a variety of styles while always adding his unique flavour and tone to the track.

Xerxes-K lends his dynamic vocals to Chase the Feeling, supporting and contrasting SILKIE and adding his unique sound to Chase Matthews' melodies.